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Editor's Review

In 2018, TTPM reviewed the Jooki Smart Music Player, which was like a portable jukebox for kids. Now the Jooki is back in an updated Generation 2 version with wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, more colorful tokens, 5GB of internal memory, and eight hours of battery life.

The version in this video review is the Jooki Giftbox, which comes with a Jooki 2 player and two tokens. You’ll download content to the tokens from the free Jooki app, and the two included tokens have pre-programmed songs on them to get you started. You’ll need to use the USB-C charging cable to charge the Jooki, and then download the app for set-up.

Pressing the heart button turns Jooki on, and kids can change the volume by turning the right volume knob or switch through different tracks by turning the left track knob. The indent in the center is the token detector, where you’ll place one of the tokens to start listening. It also detects Jooki figurines if you have those. There’s also a carry handle to take Jooki on the go. And the USB-C port doubles as a USB-C headphones port for quiet listening.

Placing a token or figurine into the Jooki 2 is easy for small hands to do, but adding content to the tokens will need to be done by an adult, and it’s pretty easy to do as long as you have a Spotify account (free or premium). You can link audiobooks, podcasts, and favorite playlists, and once you link content, you no longer need a smartphone to play the content. Just place the figure or token on the Jooki to trigger the content. You can also upload MP3 files, but it’s recommended that you use a computer to download a desktop app to drag and drop the files.

Jooki 2 Music & Story Player

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This is a fun way for kids to feel in control of what they listen to, even though parents are the ones curating the tokens’ playlists. This is all about screen-free play that gets kids using their imaginations as they listen to stories or podcasts and being active as kids dance around to their favorite songs. It’s easy for kids to use, and both kids and parents will be pleased with the sound quality.

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