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Editor's Review

If you’re a fan of John Deere, you’ll like John Deere-opoly, a collector’s edition of Monopoly. In this version, you get to play as farm equipment, farm animals, or corn on the cob slathered in butter. The gameplay is similar to the original version: roll the dice and move around the board buying properties or paying rent. But this time the properties include Excavator Trail, 8R Ranch, Cotton Picker Estates, and Lawn Mower Lane. And you don’t pass Go; you “Drive Green”. Instead of going to jail, you might Go to Hail. Instead of Free Parking, there’s Land Inheritance, where all money paid to wind and solar utility spaces goes, along with money paid from Farmers Market and Auction cards. So if you land on Land Inheritance, you get all the money that’s there. As mentioned, Farmers Market and Auction cards replace Chance and Community Chest. You’re also not building houses and hotels but farmhouses and barns. If you go bankrupt, you’re out, and the last player left wins.

John Deere-opoly Game

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Fans of John Deere will love this themed version of a classic game. It’s got the John Deere color scheme and images of John Deere equipment, making it a perfect display piece for collectors and fun to play for fans young and old.

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