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Editor's Review

You’ll never look at party games the same way once you play Joggles. In this game, two teams of players compete to complete a series of tasks. It sounds simple, but you’ll perform those tasks while wearing the vision-altering Joggles. 

You’ll need two to six players ages 8 and up to play. The game is played in four rounds. Round one is a team challenge. Two players in Team A put on the Joggles. A player from Team B draws a Team Challenge card and reads it aloud for Team A to complete. Challenges include bouncing the ball once on the table and having your teammate catch it or drawing an emoji for your teammate to guess. The left and right coasters give the Joggles-wearers a starting point of direction before the challenge starts, but after that, you won’t know your left from your right. If Team A completes the challenge within the card’s time limit, they win two points. If it’s completed within 60 seconds, they win one point. If they fail to complete the challenge, they get no points. Now it’s Team B’s turn. 

In round two, one player from each team goes head-to-head. Challenges for this round come from the VS Challenge card deck and include drawing a clock face showing the correct time or pointing at the oldest person in the room. The first player to finish wins two points for their team. If nobody completes the challenge within 60 seconds, no points are scored. Now the other two players complete a VS challenge. 

Round three goes back to a team challenge like in round one, and round four is another VS challenge. After all four rounds have been played, the team with the most points wins.

The game comes with two sets of Joggles, 64 challenge cards, 14 Joggles cards, four coasters, and a ball. You’ll also need a 60-second timer, pens, pencils, and scrap paper. 

Because the Joggles alter what you see, do not walk around when wearing them. All of the challenges can be played right at the table. 

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These challenges are definitely challenging when you’re wearing the Joggles, and that’s what makes the game silly and fun. Some people will not like looking through the Joggles, so this really isn’t a game that everybody can play. Just keep that in mind before you start playing. But if wearing the Joggles doesn’t hurt your eyes or make you dizzy, then you’ll enjoy trying to roll paper and draw things – and watching the other players try to do those things, too.


64 challenges

Completing the challenges is silly and fun


Not everyone will enjoy looking through the Joggles

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