Isla Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

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Editor's Review

This is the first ring sling I have ever used and, before I tried it, I thought it was going to be a little stressful to use. I was wrong! We loved that Riley could be carried in multiple different ways using the sling and it wasn’t as harsh on his baby soft skin as most traditional carriers are. It’s summer time, so he spends a lot of time in just a diaper, along with going through his 6 month sleep regression, so he’s extra clingy. This is perfect for him because I can carry him in it and even have him lay down in it if he needs a nap! We preferred the hip carry because he could still look around and take in his space, which he loves to do since he’s so nosy! This sling is made from a single layer of oeko-tex certified linen and without harmful chemicals. These carriers are made in small batches in their studio in the blue ridge mountains by hand to meet/exceed the current safety standards. You can order the Isla baby carry in a medium or long size. The medium size is 77-80 inches long and the long size is 86 inches long. This sling is awesome because it doesn’t need to be sized by anyone’s specific type. Different sized people can use the same ring sling which makes it a fan favorite. There are different ways you can use this: front carry, hip carry, and reclined. With front carry, you can use it when the baby is first born as long as they are above 8 lbs. For hip carry, they have to be 4 months and up, and up to 35 lbs. However, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR HAND ON THEM WHEN IN THE HIP HOLD. It makes doing things a bit trickier, but your baby will be more secure that way. Wash and care for the sling is so easy! It’s machine washable on a delicate cycle and then should be hung to dry. You can store the carrier loosely rolled in a Loveheld dust bag, which we unfortunately don’t have, but we keep ours loosely rolled on a shelf because we use it almost every day.

Isla Ring Sling Baby Carrier

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Should I get it?

Yes, the oeko-tex certified linen is incredibly soft!


  • Lightweight
  • Multiple ways to carry baby
  • One size fits all


  • One hand has to be under baby at all times

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