Invidyo Baby Monitor Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re in the market for a high-tech monitor that will keep an eye on your baby as they snooze, then make sure the Invidyo Video Baby Monitor is your next purchase.  The Invidyo monitors your baby’s sleep without any wearables like a blanket or a band. You’ll be notified when your baby cries, a sound or motion is detected, or room temperature changes and you can customize the type and sensitivity of notifications you receive. It has 1080P video with advanced night vision, always-on background audio, remote pan & tilt, white noise, lullabies, and split-screen view on desktop. You can use the 2-way talk to talk to your baby using the monitor. The Invidyo also sings lullabies, white noise, and shushing sounds. This monitor comes with advance features like smart cry and cough analysis, smile albums, daily highlight videos, face recognition, and Alexa compatibility. It captures your baby’s smiles every day and creates daily highlight videos. And if you want to it mount it on the wall, it comes with the hardware to do it. I love that this monitor connects to the Alexa because we can have him up on the Alexa while we sleep and not have the phone open all night. I also love that you can use the temperature checking feature without needing a subscription. However, the camera makes an electronic noise when you move it to show different angles so it’s not very quiet.  The sound is very sensitive as you can noises outside your baby’s room. If we are talking downstairs in the living room and the camera is in Riley’s bedroom, I can hear the conversation on the camera. We’ve been using the monitor for over a week now and we still haven’t logged any “smiles” or anything in facial recognition. As for the notifications, I had to turn them to “Low” because on “Medium” it was very sensitive and would react to a noise it heard from downstairs. Even on “Low,” it would give me a notification when I coughed in another room on the same floor. Overall, I really like this because I don’t need a subscription so see any movements that have been made, the temperature, or anything else. It does ask for as subscription if you want to “see more summaries,” but I don’t feel like that’s necessary for us. I really loved how it doesn’t have a traditional stand as it has a very adjustable stem that you can wrap around objects or use to to stand alone. I wrapped it around a cat tower to give me a view of our landing as that’s Riley’s favorite place to go and I like to make sure he doesn’t go in the litter box. I love that there is an app verses a monitor because I carry my phone all the time so I like I don’t have to carry the monitor and my phone. 

Price Check


Should I get it?

We loved that this camera can monitor baby’s sleeping without having to get a subscription.


  • It has a  temperature sensor.
  • Connects to Alexa.
  • Is easy to move around the house.
  • You don’t need a subscription for all the important aspects of the camera. 


  • It’s extremely difficult to get the smile/facial recognition feature to work. 

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