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Editor's Review

Kisdream Instant Warmer allows you to make your baby bottle at any time, struggle-free. It has a sleek design and is easy to use. The dispenser has a stable base and is leak free. All you have to do is press to get warm water into your baby bottle.

It has 3 different temperatures: Room Temperature at 77°F, Body Temperature at 99°F, and Warmer than body Temperature at 122°F. To select the temperature, simply choose from the touch display with just one touch. The display will indicate the temperature by showing different light colors; blue is for room temperature, yellow is for body temperature, and red is for warmer than body temperature.

It features a 24h Smart Thermostat so the water will be kept at a constant temperature when it reaches that temperature.

It is free of BPA and Phthalate and works with all bottle sizes and shapes.

Instant Baby Bottle Warmer

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The safe large transparent tank has 54 ounces capacity, enough for babies up to 1 year old to drink milk all day long. It is clear so you can see through and always know if you need to fill it or not.


  • Large capacity water container
  • Suitable with all bottle sizes and shapes
  • Different water temperatures


  • None!

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