Imaginext DC Super Friends Slammers Review

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Editor's Review

There’s action-packed play and unboxing with the DC Super Friends Slammers. Inside each box is a mystery Imaginext figure and vehicle. You won’t know which style of vehicle or which superhero or villain is inside until you open up the box. This is not a normal box to open. First, you rip off the perforated top. Then you slam the box down on the plastic question mark, which makes the Imaginext figure pop up! Surprise! Now take the figure out of the box, and pull out the vehicle. With just a few easy steps, you transform the vehicle so that it’s ready for the figure to ride around in. Give the vehicle a push to send it on its way.

Vehicles in the lineup include the Batmobile, the Laff Mobile, and the Arctic Sled. You can probably guess which characters will go with what vehicle. For instance, you know that Batman will come with the Batmobile. But look at the side of the box – which style of Batman and vehicle will it be? The Laff Mobile might come with the Joker or Harley Quinn. And the Arctic Sled might come with Mr. Freeze or Mrs. Freeze.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Slammers

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There’s a lot of mystery surrounding these collectible figures, which kids will really love, especially if they’re into toy unboxings. You can kind of guess what’s inside, but you don’t know specifically which vehicle and figure you’re getting. There’s so many to collect! The whole process of unboxing the vehicle and figure is pretty exciting for preschoolers, and they’ll enjoy driving around the characters for all sorts of superhero or supervillain play.

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