Imaginext Batwheels Launch and Race Batcave Review

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Editor's Review

The Imaginext Batwheels Race Track Playset requires a small amount of assembly out of the box, but as a nice bonus, batteries are included! Be very careful however, as the stickers are super easy to tear. Once done, the look is very bright and appealing, with bright blue, yellow, purple and silver drawing your eye across the multiple floors of the Batcave racetrack. At the top, we have some familiar Batcave decor, like the giant penny and t-rex, which are mostly for show. Most importantly of course is the Batcomputer, which has lights and a bunch of different sounds and voice lines whenever you press the button. The playset includes two toy versions of Bam and Redbird, which look just like their on-screen counterparts. 


Load a car into the clear blue shute, on the top floor, press the nearby button and watch as it zips down the track speeds off along the ground! You can adjust the track to turn it into a ramp instead and get some air! The spiral track on the right hand side can either deposit you on the ground floor or on the second floor if you divert it with the orange switch. The second floor has a small turntable for a quick show-off session. Lastly, the left hand face holds a convenient elevator to take you back up to the top floor. This Batwheels Race Track has plenty of play options to keep little ones busy!

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This is a fun set for young fans of batwheels. It’s sturdy, has many play options that are easily repeatable, plus lights and sounds. We think it’s worth picking up.


  • There are a good amount of play features.
  • Both tracks can be adjusted.
  • There are lights and sounds.
  • Two cars are included, as are batteries! 


  • The stickers are very easy to rip by accident.
  • The penny and t-rex are static, despite appearing significant and interactive.

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