I’m A Stylist Styling Head Lucy Review

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Editor's Review

Each set comes with a doll head which is 13-inches and wearing a green knit top, 1 brown wig, 4 pieces of magnetic eyelashes, 2 pieces of face gems, 3 pieces of hair ties, 3 pieces of hair clips, one set of earrings and instructions.

There are a few things to note beforehand when it comes to handling the wigs. It’s not recommended to wash the wig, as this can change the condition of the hair. If you do want to wash the wig, only use some water. To get rid of knots, some hair conditioner will do the trick.

Kids will love being able to style their dolls’ hair since it’s long and just the perfect size to really create looks on them and then try it on themselves. Colorful wigs are ready to be cut and styled. The hair is incredibly realistic and soft so it is easy to style. Plus, the hair is interchangeable so you can be creative without fear of permanently messing up. More wigs can be purchased separately so you can keep on cutting and styling as much as you would like. This styling head is the perfect size with a very large and realistic surface area so you can easily experiment with makeup designs as well. The creativity continues since kids can add face gems and magnetic eye-lashes for more unique styles.

To change the look of your styling head and give her a new haircut, grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut her hair. Want her to have long hair again? Loosen the two string ends at the back of the head and pull the wig out of the notch.

Take a new wig, place it into the notch on the back of the head and pull the wig slowly over the head until it is fixed in the notch at the front as well. Now simply tie the two ends of the string and ta-da!

I’m A Stylist Styling Head Lucy

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The dolls are very well made. You can mix and match the look. There’s endless ways to be creative and you can even add your own makeup to your styling head.

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