Ice Ribbon Twirler, Ice Pom-Poms, and Light-Up Drop Dots Balls Review

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Editor's Review

This summer will really shine with outdoor toys from Kess. The Ice Ribbon Twirler, Ice Pom-Poms, and Light-Up Drop Dots Balls all shimmer under the sunlight, and some have light-up features for indoor play, too.

The Ice Ribbon Twirler lets kids put on a dance performance outside or inside. Layered ribbons at the end of the shimmery baton flow and twirl in the air when you wave the baton. When the sunlight catches this toy, it really accentuates the iridescent shimmer. Or if you’d rather play inside, hit the baton to activate flashing lights. These are available in purple, blue, or pink.

The Ice Pom-Poms also add shimmer to your dance or cheer routines. Available in white, blue, or pink, each one has iridescent streamers that really shine as you shake, twirl, or toss.

And the tactile Drop Dots Balls now have a bounce-activated light-up feature. They’re available in a variety of colors, and they all look really cool when they light up in low light. Plus, they have a cool texture that feels great when you’re tossing and catching them. We think the “dots” on the ball remind us of dots of frosting.

Also returning this summer for outdoor fun is the Drop Dots Jump Rope, which has that same cool texture on the handles, and the Ice Hopper, Kess’ version of a popular ’90s toy, both of which have been previously reviewed by TTPM.

Ice Ribbon Twirler, Ice Pom-Poms, and Light-Up Drop Dots Balls

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All of these toys offer a different way to play outside, be active, and have fun.

The Ice Ribbon Twirler is great for kids who love to dance, and it will probably remind parents of one of their favorite toys from the ’90s. We like how it shimmers in the sunlight but also has a light-up feature for indoor play.

We like the shimmer of the Ice Pom-Poms and how this toy encourages active play and roleplay.

And fans of the original Drop Dots Balls will really like the tactile feel and light-up feature of the new Light-Up Drop Dots Balls.

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