Ice Hopper and Ice Ball Review (Kess)

Ice Hopper and Ice Ball
What It Is

Make a sunny day even brighter with the glittery Ice Hopper and Ice Ball toys. Both of these give a new spin to classic outdoor toys. Each is sold separately.

The Ice Hopper is kind of like that classic '90s toy Skip-It. There's an ankle hoop for you to wear on one foot, and tethered to that by a flexible tube is a glittery ball. With one foot through the ankle loop and the other foot in front of the hopper ball, kick the ball back to start the counter-clockwise spinning action and then hop over the rope every time it comes around. How long can you keep the ball spinning? Because this version has a lot of glitter, it sparkles as it spins around, making it really pretty to watch. It's available in four colors, including blue and pink.

The Ice Balls are bouncy balls filled with liquid glitter that flows really nicely when you spin it. Spin it slowly and you'll really be able to see the glitter flow. When you're rolling or bouncing it for a game of catch, you don't really see it moving, but you do get a nice glittery shimmer, especially in the sunshine. The Ice Balls are available in six colors: green, teal, pink, gold, blue, and purple.

Is It Fun?

Both of these toys will be fun, visually appealing ways to get kids playing and being active outside. The Ice Balls are nice for a game of catch, four square, or just contests to see who can bounce the ball the highest. The Ice Hopper requires a little more skill, and for kids who have never done a "hopper" toy like this, there might be a learning curve to get it right. But polishing those skills and seeing how long you can jump over the rope as it spins is part of the play. Kids can have timed contests to see who can hop the longest.

Who It’s For

The Ice Hopper and Ice Ball are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This new version of the Ice Hopper allows parents to share a part of their childhoods with their kids. However, the Ice Hopper does not include a counter. Kids will need to keep track of their jumps on their own.

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