Ice Dyeing: The Coolest Tie-Dye Kit Review

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Editor's Review

You may have tie-dyed something in the past, but have you ever ice-dyed something? In the Ice Dyeing: The Coolest Tie-Dye Kit book, you’ll find the tools you need (minus the ice) to dye a fabric square and experiment with other STEAM-based crafts.

Wash the fabric in hot water first, and follow the instructions to set up a dyeing station, complete with wire rack over a plastic or metal tub. Then scrunch up the fabric and place it on the rack. Pile ice cubes or shaved ice on top, and pour a small amount of the color powder on top of that. You can use just one color or both. Allow the ice to melt and the fabric to remain undisturbed for a full 24 hours. Then, put on the plastic gloves and rinse the fabric under cold water until the water runs clear. Hang to dry. If you’re wondering what to do with this piece of fabric, the book provides directions for turning it into a no-sew scrunchie or a key-chain tassel.

Now that this book has got you started, you can provide your own fabric (T-shirt, bag, etc.) and color powders to ice-dye. The rest of the book offers information on combining colors, what colors mean, how to use the rubber bands to create designs, and more techniques.

There are also a few crafts to complete while waiting for your fabric to dry. Make a color wheel disappear and create ice-dyed effects on paper.

Ice Dyeing: The Coolest Tie-Dye Kit

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The process of ice dyeing the included fabric was pretty easy to do, and we like that there are suggestions for what to do with it once it’s dry. This kit is definitely a starting point for further experimentation with ice dyeing, so a trip to your local craft store for white T-shirts, bags, and more color powder will be necessary.

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