Hungry Hungry Hippos Splash Review

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Editor's Review

The fast action of Hungry Hungry Hippos gets even sillier when you add water in the outdoor game Hungry Hungry Hippos Splash. The game comes with a Hungry Hungry Hippos Sprinkler Unit featuring two hippo heads, six balls for feeding the hippos, and a hose adapter. You’ll need to set this up in a large obstacle-free space in your yard and attach a garden hose to the unit. You may or may not need the hose adapter. Then you’ll open the hippos’ mouths to either 90 degrees for easy mode or 45 degrees for hard mode. And then it’s time to play! Turn on the water so that the hippo heads start spraying water, and toss the balls into your hippo’s mouth. The first player to feed their hippo all three balls wins. While this is fun for a two-player competitive game, you can also play solo or let the hippos spray without trying to feed them, using the toy as a sprinkler.

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Should I get it?

You will definitely get wet while playing this game. The closer you are to the sprinkler, the easier it will be to feed the hippos, but you’ll also get sprayed. We like that this combines the fun of the original Hungry Hungry Hippos game with a sprinkler to get kids playing outside and keeping cool. 


2 difficulty levels

Fast-paced action with a watery twist

Gets kids playing outside

Can be used as a sprinkler

Keeps kids cool on a hot day



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