Hot Wheels Track Builder Flame Stunt Pack Review

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Editor's Review

The Flame Stunt Pack is one of the three launch track sets from the new elementally themed Track Builder line, and from what we can tell, it’s the biggest and most complex. One of the main draws of this line is that the box is part of the track, acting as both a base and a case! Inside you get a flaming loop with base, a spring activated launcher, two flame spinners, two curved track pieces, a flaming ramp, four straightaway track pieces, one connector piece, and a very unique looking techy Hot Wheels car! An included car is always appreciated. The flame embellishments on the track pieces are nicely molded and mesh very well into the overall warm tone of the track.


Now, the whole angle of Track Builder is that there is no set track! In fact, there are 4 suggested configurations that you can try out. Our favorite is Track A, since the car comes back to you! Track B is the lengthiest track, and Tracks C and D incorporate the container at the end. The spring loaded launcher fires the car at a nice speed so that it can clear each track with ease. After you’re done, pack up is as simple as switching between tracks. It all packs in nicely, and the containers for the Track Builder line all stack together very neatly. One thing that would have been nice is the inclusion of more than one solo connector, to increase the building options even further. But, good news, if you have more track parts already from previous sets, they’ll be compatible here. Express your creativity!

Hot Wheels Track Builder Flame

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Should I get it?

Whether you already have hot wheels track parts, or are brand new to the toy line, this is a solid set to acquire. The multiple configurations and handy storage bin illustrate the inherent creative element in Hot Wheels more than most sets.


  • It includes a storage case that also incorporates into the track.
  • There are 4 different tracks you can build with the included parts.
  • The set includes a Hot Wheels car.
  • The spring loaded launcher works well.


  •  There is a lack of included extra connector pieces, somewhat limiting what you can do with your own ideas.

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