Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers Mega-Wrex vs Crushzilla Takedown Playset Review

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Editor's Review

Good news right off the bat, the Crushzilla Takedown set includes a Mega Wrex Monster Truck. The teal, orange, and bright pink paint over the awesome dino head sculpt makes for a striking appearance. The set requires a fair amount of assembly, which the instructions do a good job of explaining, but we’d advise you to apply the stickers before assembling. However, it’s hard to know what part is what before it is built.

Aside from this “sticker catch-22”, the Crushzilla Takedown may not have the most paint out there, but the sprawling, upwardly explosive junkyard presentation is exciting nonetheless. The sculptwork is also pretty great, with lots of tire treads, and mechanical detailing on the Crushzilla. The stands on the side can act as catapults for the Mega Wrex. Pulling down on either side will make the Crushzilla rotate and face that direction on its own, which is a very cool feature. Jump through the tire loop and hit the switch behind the Crushzilla’s head to knock him over! Nailing the arc can be a bit tricky, but it’s so easy and fun to launch the Mega Wrex, you won’t mind trying again and again. Also, there’s no such thing as simply being a spectator in the Crushzilla Takedown. Even the stands are in the splash zone of destruction, one false move and they’ll collapse! The effect is even more wild if you add your own Hot Wheels cars (sold separately). On top of all of this, there are molded in connector edges to combine the Crushzilla Takedown to other Hot Wheels Monster Truck sets.

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The Crushzilla Takedown set employs a very unique central play gimmick which makes for very entertaining and engaging play. Anyone in the target age range for this set will get a kick out of it!


  • The set is big and impressive in its angles and proportions.
  • The sculpt is nicely detailed.
  • The play features are fun to mess with.
  • The set includes a very cool looking and exclusive monster truck. 


  • The stickers are tricky to apply whether before or after assembly.

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