Hot Wheels Mold & Move Play Set Review

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Editor's Review

Hot Wheels fans can mold their own cars with the Hot Wheels Mold & Move Play Set. This comes with four colors of Amaze Dough, plus a Super Blitzen Hot Wheels mold for creating custom dough cars. Just fill the mold with the dough and give it a squeeze to create your own Super Blitzen Hot Wheels racer. There are also other tools for cutting, slicing, smooshing, and rolling fun with the dough. And the set comes with two Champ Timer Lights so you can set up a pretend race for the cars you make. Everything stores nicely inside the tire-shaped container.

Hot Wheels Mold & Move Play Set

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This is a fun new way for kids to engage in Hot Wheels racing. Kids will like using the mold and dough to make their own race cars, and then getting creative with the dough and tools to make whatever else they can imagine.

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