Hexbug BattleBots Arena Max, Rivals Platinum, and SumoBash Robots Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to battle in bigger and better ways with all-new BattleBots toys from Hexbug.

“Beat the legend” in a new BattleBots arena that has doubled in size. The BattleBots Arena Max playset comes with two fighting robots: BattleBots champion Tombstone and a customizable Tank robot. Controlling them via the remotes activates forward, backward, and turning motion, as well as their active weapons. Tombstone has a spinning bar, and the Tank has a spinning armor piece on top. You can remove the Tank’s spinning piece and swap it out for a non-moving weapon and even attach magnetic armor pieces to the treads or three other weapons to the back. But the BattleBots don’t just have to worry about each other’s weapons. The arena itself has spinning screw blades, push-activated pulverizers, and spiked walls.

You can also add to this playset with the BattleBots Rivals Platinum set, which features Whiplash and Sawblaze bots. Each of these bots uses an extra motor to power up the functionality of its weapon. For Whiplash, that’s it’s lifting disc spinner, letting whoever controls it fight, slam, and slash. Sawblaze has a hammer-saw and ramp for slash and burn action. These bots are rechargeable using the included charging cords. They also have magnetic pieces that will pop off during battles and easily reattach when you’re ready for round two.

BattleBots SumoBash bots can battle inside the Arena Max, or you can set up the eight included sumo walls for a mini battle with these two customizable bots. Venom and Chisel may look small, but when you attach one of the six weapon accessories to them, they are ready for fierce battle. Experiment with the forceps, skewer, pincers, spiked plow, spear, and spiked wedge to see which one performs the best in the ring. The goal is to slam your opponent out of the ring to win.

Hexbug BattleBots Arena Max, Rivals Platinum, and SumoBash Robots

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We like that the Arena Max is bigger, has different obstacles to avoid, comes with two BattleBots for battling right out of the box, and features one robot that is customizable for more strategic battles.

The Rivals Platinum set also includes two bots for battling right out of the box, and kids will like playing with favorite bots from season 10 of the show. Both bots have cool weapon action for exciting battles.

SumoBash can be used on its own, thanks to the included ring. And kids will have fun customizing each bot with the different weapon accessories.

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