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Editor's Review

Hedbanz Lightspeed is a game for 2-6 players ages 6 and up. Much like Hedbanz classic, the game involves strapping an apparatus to your head and guessing the contents of cards with the help of another player, but there are some key differences here. Hedbanz Lightspeed includes one light-up unit that you take turns wearing, which will require 2 of your own AAA batteries. This time, there are also 3 different ways to give clues: “Act it Out,” “Ask Me a Question”, or “Just 3 Clues”.

  • In Act it Out, it’s a lot like charades. No words are allowed, and you must use your physicality to help the guesser out.
  • Just 3 Clues allows you to give 3 brief hints as to the answer on the card, for example “I’m a ring, I’m colorful, I’m delicious” (answer: doughnut.)
  • Last but not least, Ask Me a Question allows the guesser to ask as many yes or no questions as they can within the time limit.

As a clue-giver, you must adhere to the color of light that shines on the headband. As soon as it changes, you must shift strategies accordingly. Once you start the timer, there’s a brief countdown before the first clue giving method lights up. After 15 seconds, it will change, and this will continue until 6 changes have occurred, for about a minute and 30 seconds. Each correct guess nets the guesser that card. Whoever has the most cards by the time everyone has had a shot at guessing wins! If anyone has trouble remembering game mechanics, there are both Clue-giver cue cards, and Guesser question cards to make sure play continues smoothly. There’s also a way to play with teams, whereby if a duo skips a card or fails to guess some before the timer runs out, the opposing team is awarded said cards. Hedbanz Lightspeed brings more dynamism to the table with even more ways for Clue-givers to play, and with 74 double sided cards, the fun won’t get stale any time soon.

Hedbanz Lightspeed

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Hedbanz lightspeed expands on the classic Hedbanz in a fun way, bringing more movement and engagement to the game formula. We found it to be a lot of fun, so we think you should try it out too!


  • This version of the game introduces two more ways to participate, making the game more active and dynamic.
  • There are 74 clue cards, as well as reminder cards for clue givers and question cards for guessers.
  • You can play free-for-all or team style. 


  • Batteries aren’t included.
  • Only one headset is included.

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