Harry Potter Wizarding World 2021 Advent Calendar Review

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Editor's Review

Like most Advent Calendars, there are 24 compartments, and these have tabs which make them easier to open. Once you do get the flap open though, you’ll find a small Pocket Pop nestled inside. The detail on these is superb. Paint apps are clean, and the molded detail is that sort of on-brand, charming minimalism that Funko’s are known for. Even non-collectors of Funko’s will have to confess, these smaller versions are clean! The detailing and proportions work so well at miniature scale!

The presentation on the outside packaging does a good job getting you excited for what’s inside, giving you a sneak peek at only one sixth of the Pocket Pops inside. It’s a nice, wintry design all around, but the real good stuff is behind the fold down panel. Behind it, you will find a delightful illustration of the Great Hall in Hogwarts, halls decked, trees lit, with magical snow falling from the ceiling. Setting this up on your countertop to prominently display will definitely put you in the holiday spirit.

Harry Potter Wizarding World 2021 Advent Calendar

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! Who doesn’t love Advent Calendars? With such cool and fun rewards awaiting you inside each compartment, this advent calendar is a surefire hit.

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