Hangry The Card-Slapping Game and No Filter The Candid Conversation Game Review

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A quiet dinner is not what Hangry is all about. Get ready to slap and steal your opponent’s cards to complete your meal. Inside the box are 60 food cards, 24 menu items, and six table settings. The object of the game is to fill your table setting with one main course, one side dish, one drink, and one dessert. Players are dealt food cards face-down. On the count of three, players turn over their cards from their pile. If there is a match, you must slap the card while shouting its name to win that card. The player with the most cards at the end of the round will choose two courses from the photo cards to try and fill their table settings. The winner is the first player to complete their setting. If the buffet card is drawn, it can be claimed without a match. Hangry cards allow players to steal food cards from others. Hangry takes 15 minutes to play.

No Filter is a new game that promotes candid conversation. In this game, players are dealt three to four cards and place them face-down in front of them. A player rolls the dice and turns over one of the cards. The dice determines which question is asked and who will answer it. The game ends when all the questions are answered. In this game, there is no one winner because everyone is a winner as players have gotten to know one another a little bit more through open conversation.

Hangry The Card-Slapping Game and No Filter The Candid Conversation Game

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These games are entertaining for gatherings of three or more people. Hangry involves wild and active gameplay. No Filter is a fun, new, and different get-to-know-you type of game.

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