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Editor's Review

Fairies are all around us, and you can find them with the Got2Glow Fairy Finder. There are more than 100 virtual fairies to find and collect inside each jar. You can collect the jars in pink, blue, or an exclusive fuchsia glow-in-the-dark. There are more than 30 unique fairies to find per jar, and more than 100 fairies to find total. Plus, you can share a fairy from your jar with a friend.

To find a fairy, turn on the jar and open the heart-shaped door on top. The jar will play lights and sounds as it searches for a fairy. Follow the prompts on the LCD screen to close the heart door and capture the fairy. Once you’ve caught your fairy, you can press the three flower buttons to interact with it. Pressing the buttons individually will elicit different fairy reactions, as well pressing and holding a button, while pressing the two side buttons at the same time gets even more reactions, and pressing and holding the side buttons together gives your fairy a hug. If you press the bottom button once, you’ll feed your fairy. And if you want to catch another fairy, double press the bottom button to go back to fairy search mode.

You can also press and hold the bottom button to enter menu mode. From here, you can view your collection, go back to fairy search mode, play a game with your fairy, and trade fairies with friends. This requires that your friend also has a Got2Glow Fairy Finder. With both jars in trade fairies mode, open the heart door and touch the jar lids together, as if you’re pouring a fairy from one jar to the next. Then watch as the fairies fly out of their jars and switch places.

Some of the fairies have different looks and colors. We collected a donut fairy and a disco fairy, for instance. But if you want to know more about the fairies, including their names, you’ll need to download the free Find My Fairy app, which also includes a whole roster so you can see which fairies you still need to collect.

Got2Glow Fairy Finder

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Kids are going to have so much fun going on fairy hunts with this tech toy. We like the pretty look of the jars, including the lights and sounds, and that there are so many different fairies to collect as well as ways to interact with them. Kids will also love trading fairies with friends and fairy hunting together. We’re sure that once the app launches, it will extend the play.

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