GloPals Sensory Play Jar and Pick-Up Pals Sensory Tools Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready for sensory play in a whole new way with new products from Glo Pals. The Sensory Play Jar is a customizable, light-up sensory jar, and the Pick-Up Pals Sensory Tools set includes three ocean-themed tools that help with fine motor skills. Both toys are for ages 18 months and up.

To start the play with the Sensory Play Jar, add water. The jar automatically lights up in multiple colors. (Three AAA batteries are required but not included.) Then you can add in sensory play accessories. Glo Pal sells these add-ins, or you can add in whatever items you have at home: glitter, sprinkles, figures, etc. The soft-touch handles make it easy for kids to grasp and lift the jar as they watch the objects inside float around in the water. The jar comes in three colors: yellow, blue, or purple.

The Pick-Up Pals Sensory Tools set includes a Puffer Pal Expandable Strainer, Tiny Tongs, and a 3-in-1 Scooper Squid. The strainer can be used flat or puffed up like a bowl for scooping up water and watching it strain through the holes. The tongs have a seashell design and help little hands pick up other toys. And the scoop can be used as one toy for scooping up water, but take it apart, and now you have a top part to hold water and small trinkets, and a bottom that drains water.

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Not only is the Sensory Play Jar visually stimulating, it’s also a great calming activity for a child. Shake it up and let the swirling water and soothing colors bring a sense of peace. 

The three Pick-Up Pals tools make a great addition to bathtime or pooltime. Through the play, kids practice hand-eye coordination and strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Plus, the friendly faces on the tools inspire storytelling and imaginative play.


Pros (Sensory Jar)
Visually stimulating
Calming activity

Pros (Sensory Tools)
Comes with 3 tools
Imaginative play at bath time
Helps with fine and gross motor skills


Cons (Sensory Jar)
Batteries are not included

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