Gilobaby Baby Gym Playmat Review

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Editor's Review

The Gilobaby Baby Gym Playmat will serve your little one for a good three years since there are various stages for them to enjoy. From 0 to 6 months, your baby can kick the piano keys and grab the hanging toys to exercise the coordination of hands and eyes, which will enhance the strength of their limbs. At 6 to 9 months they can start their tummy time adventures! Here they can exercise those strong muscles on their back and neck. Starting at 9 months they can start to press on the piano keys to stimulate their sensory development and even develop fine motor skills!

There are 4 cute animal hanging toys to encourage children to pull, grasp, and shake. Children will like bright colors and smooth touch. Pulling the bird’s handle gently will make a sound and the bear and lion will make a sound when you shake it. These toys improve children’s cognitive ability in sound, color, shape and so on.

With 4 adorable animals, comes four modes to pick from as well; music mode, frog call pattern, piano mode, and sleep mode. There’s cheerful frog theme music and flashing lights that will play as they’re maneuvering around. This will encourage them to keep kicking and tapping around at the keys. Let me also mention that listening to the sound of some musical instruments can stimulate the baby’s perception. The soothing sounds they hear will also help them to fall asleep quickly and improve their sense of music.

Gilobaby Baby Gym Playmat

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This is a multi purpose Playmat. A great place to lay your little one down for some stimulation with various objects attached to the Playmat.

You can adjust the angle of piano to adapt to the baby’s posture. The mat is very soft, thick, and durable. The mat stays firmly on the ground and this is a mat that grows with your baby for some time.

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