Ghosted The Game of Boo-Dunnit Review

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What happens when we die? Well, if you’re playing the game Ghosted, your spirit comes back to find the suspect who killed you off. You’ll solve who did it, what wacky weapon they used, and why. If you’re the first to solve “Boo-dunnit”, you win!

Everybody starts with an evidence board and a Dry-Erase marker. There are three types of cards: Suspects, Weapons, and Motives. Each player is randomly dealt one of each and places those cards face-out in their evidence boards. Make sure to mark the suspects, weapons, and motives that other players have. The rest of the cards are shuffled and equally dealt out to each player.

On your turn, you’re going to roll the die. If you land on “Yes or No”, you get to ask a yes or no question to any player of your choice. It could be something specific like “Was I killed because I knew too much?” or more general like “Is my weapon sharp?” If you land on the ghost, select another player and guess two suspects. If that player has either of the Suspect cards in his hand, he secretly reveals one to you. You would then mark that suspect off on your evidence board. The same thing happens if you roll the weapons, except you guess two weapons from the player. And with the magnifying glass, you’ll guess two motives from the player. If you roll the scales of justice, guess one suspect, one motive, and one weapon. All other players reveal how many they’ve guessed correctly but not which ones are correct. And if you roll a wild, you can choose any one of the five previous actions to take.

If you believe you have enough evidence to solve the crime, you can use your turn to make an accusation. If you correctly guess your suspect, weapon, and motive, you win. Otherwise, you’re out of the game.

The game also comes with ghost tokens that are earned if you roll the die on an action that has already been solved. Take a token and use it the next time you roll an already-solved action so you can choose a different action to do.

Ghosted The Game of Boo-Dunnit

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This game kind of reminds us of Clue. Everyone is keeping their guesses secret, and you need to use deductive reasoning to figure it all out. The list of suspects is hilarious, and the motives and weapons are just as wacky. Think using a three-hole punch to off someone because they hoarded toilet paper.

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