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Editor's Review

The first step to using the Gel Blaster Surge requires some patience. The gellets need to be hydrated for two hours. Be sure to use an adequately sized container, since the gellets will grow to 10x their original size. If the gellets are still submerged after two hours of soaking, you’ll know you used enough water. One gallon of water is sufficient to hydrate 10,000 gellets. It’s also a good idea to charge your Gel Blaster ahead of time.

Once the gellets are ready, drain the excess water and load them into the hopper. Next, screw on the hopper feed neck, and then slide the feed neck onto the gel blaster surge. Listen for that click to know it’s secure. Once the Gel Blaster is charged, put on your very important safety glasses, turn it on, and get to blasting!

The Gel Blaster Surge’s fire is similar in concept to a paintball gun, but without nearly as much mess. The gellets are biodegradable, and evaporate with prolonged exposure to air. Make sure you’re standing a fair distance away, as the Gel Blaster can fire up to 100 feet.

If you feel like mixing it up, you can replace the fin and tip areas with either blue or orange parts. To save some fun for later, store spare hydrated gellets in water for up to three months.

Gel Blaster Surge

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Lots of fun! The Gel Blaster Surge is great for target practice, or outdoor blaster fights in the yard. Be sure to wear your safety goggles!

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