furReal Walkalots and furReal Glamalots Review

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Editor's Review

The Glamalots and Walkalots are both very similar, the only difference is the actual dog and accessories included in one of them to make it Glamalots!

Here is the furReal Walkalots! This cuddly pup comes with a two-part detachable leash to walk him across the floor as well as a connector to add up to two Walkalots Lil Wags pets which are sold separately. Push him along by his leash and he moves forward with his wobbling head, signature bouncy walk, and spring-activated tail motion. He also makes pup sounds and funny noises making the walk feel that much more real.

The furReal Glamalots is an adorable purple pup and comes with 6 grooming accessories; and the unassembled leash accessory (2 rods & handle). It’s great fun to come up with new looks for your cute pooch (she can even be styled into a unicorn). You can also use the hair tie, hair clips, and hair extensions on yourself as well as the dog!

furReal Walkalots and furReal Glamalots

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They’re interactive which brings some realism to the play. Kids will be able to walk them and if you have more furReal pets you can attach more pets to the leash for even more fun!

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