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Editor's Review

Flitter the Kitten is a sweet purple hard shell cat with fluffy blue wings which are very detailed inside. She has gorgeous big eyes with star twinkles inside and a blue gem on her forehead, as well as a heart shaped button on the back. A treat is also included for feeding time.

The kitten’s color- change eyes reveal her many moods in a rainbow of colors- when she’s sleepy, her eyes are blue; when they’re green, you know she’s hungry; Red eyes, She’s a bit cranky; Yellow eyes mean she’s feeling happy. And she loves it when you flap her beautiful fabric wings. I do want to note that I did have trouble getting a few of the colors to work. Make your pet happy and activate her lights and sounds by feeding her with her included treat, or pressing the heart button on her back to flap her wings.

furReal Flitter the Kitten

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These are small enough to carry around, it’s interactive, and simply adorable.

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