Fom Mania Fomilator and Fomalanche Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re tired of playing with the same old water blasters, then change things up with the Fom Mania line of battery-powered foam blasters and machines. Using Fom Concentrate, you’ll be able to blast fluffy foam with the Fomilator and make streams of foam that you can run through with the Fomalanche.

The Fom Concentrate is a non-toxic, tear-free formula. It comes in a 12-ounce bottle as a refill if you run out of the concentrate that each Fom toy comes with. The four ounces of concentrate with the Fomilator makes 40 ounces of solution, enough to fill the blaster two times. And the 10.14 ounces of concentrate with the Fomalanche makes 116 fluid ounces of solution, enough to fill the Fomalanche three times.

For the Fomilator, you pour half the bottle of concentrate into the reservoir, and fill the rest with water. Then, you’re going to extend the barrel forward to expose a clear section of tubing. Pull the trigger to fill the barrel with foam. Once full, you’re ready to blast, and you do this by pulling the nozzle back. The instructions offer different ways to play with the blaster, such as a game of tag, hide and seek, and Fom President, where two teams have to defend their president from getting foamed.

For the Fomalanche, you’ll pour one 3.38-ounce pouch of concentrate into the reservoir, and then fill the rest with water. Make sure both tubes from the machine go into the base as you re-screw the base onto the Fomalanche. Turn on the machine and allow 45 seconds for the machine to prime before foam starts flowing. There’s a handle on top to make it easy to carry the machine. Of course, it’s fun to run, jump, and dance through the foam, but there are some suggested games, such as Fom Catch, where you toss a chunk of foam back and forth; Fom Man, where you make a snowman out of foam; and Fom Destroyer, where two teams compete to see who can destroy the opposing team’s pile of foam first.

Fom Mania Fomilator and Fomalanche

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Both of these toys offer a fun way for kids to get active outside. We’ve never seen a foam blaster before, and this one is pretty easy to use. Just note that you’ll want the blaster’s chamber to be full before you blast, and it takes about 10 to 15 seconds to fill the chamber in between blasts. Not a huge deal; you just can’t do rapid-fire like you can with a water blaster.

We like that the foam machine is portable and doesn’t have to be plugged in anywhere, reducing the chance of water mixing with electricity as we’ve seen with other foam machines. This would be great for a party, but it’s so easy to set up that you can play with it any time.

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