Farm Water Play Mat, Roly Poly Bear, & Cuddly Donkey Lu Snuggly Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s begin with the HABA Cuddly Donkey Lu Snuggly! This cute cloth donkey is super soft and sure to be a favorite around the house. The body has two fabrics, a soft gray fleece on one side and a textured linen on the other. The fabric is strong enough to be monogrammed for an extra special gift. The attached carrot has crinkly fabric for added texture and play. The donkey can be machine-washed gently and air-dried. The cloth strap allows you to attach your child’s favorite pacifier.

Then there’s HABA Roly Poly Bear with Stacking Rings! It’s made of polyester with a plastic base. When babies give it a poke, it rocks backwards and forwards on its base, tinkling a small bell. His tummy consists of two soft fabric rings that baby will enjoy rearranging as they build motor skills.

Lastly, we have the Farm Water Play Mat. This set will stimulate baby’s senses with visual, tactile, and acoustic play elements to experiment with.

Babies can easily move all the elements in the water back and forth with their hands. As they pat the water-filled bladder, the floating butterflies will move. For fun sounds, the pig has a squeaker, the sun has crinkly foil fabric, and the farmer comes out of his tractor to transform into a clutching rattle toy.

It’s easy to fill – just add distilled water. The outer shell is made of machine washable polyester and the inner sac is made of plastic. The soft fabric mat allows baby to lie comfortably.

Farm Water Play Mat, Roly Poly Bear, & Cuddly Donkey Lu Snuggly

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They all have a curiosity element, fosters fine motor skills, and they’re easy for on the go fun and learning!

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