Faction Gel Battle System Assortment Review

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Editor's Review

The main draw of the Faction line is their app functionality, but first, let’s evaluate them as physical toys on their own. The Spectre and the Havoc both have sleek designs, consisting of white, gray, and orange, with bits of molded mechanical detail throughout. Compared to other gel blasters we’ve looked at before, one standout difference is the weight of these blasters. They have a really good heft to them to accommodate all of the bells and whistles within! This is far from a bad thing, they feel more satisfying to wield this way. Now of course, the ammo needs to be soaked for 3 hours before you can use them, but these hoppers hold a lot of gel pellets, 1200 for the Spectre, and 1700 for the Havoc. Each blaster has manual, semi-auto and automatic firing settings which can be easily switched between. While you can’t really aim with pinpoint precision on the Spectre due to the hopper placement on top, the motorized hopper of the Havoc frees up your sight lines. Each blaster includes safety glasses, dehydrated ammo, a charging usb cable, a pair of safety glasses, and a standing target. Set up the smart target to play target practice on your own! 


Ok, onto app functionality. You actually need a smartphone to first activate your blaster which is…odd, but harmless enough in today’s world. Activation need only occur once, after which pressing the power button turns the blaster on and off. However, using the free app, you can change the color and brightness of your blaster’s color, track scoring with the Skyfire drone, control the drone, and, coming later on, start games, connect with bluetooth and communicate with your friends, as well as player position via GPS. The latter features we did not personally experience at the time of this review, but what we can say is that the phone controls for the drone are responsive and precise. We are excited by the prospect of these greater features, and look forward to them being implemented at a later date.

Faction Gel Blaster Havoc 780 x 780 (1)

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Should I get it?

Although not all of the advertised features are live as of the writing of this review, we still recommend these blasters. What features are here and available are fun and quality. The heft, and app interactivity make the faction line stand out from the gel blaster crowd.


  • The blasters have a uniquely heavy weight to them.
  • The hoppers hold a ton of ammo.
  • They have multiple firing modes.
  • With app functionality, you can customize your blaster’s light color and brightness.
  • The included beacon target makes for easy solo play.
  • The Skyfire drone is a challenging target in its own right especially with the snappy app controls.


  • You need a smartphone to use any of these features, and even to activate your blaster for setup!
  • Not all advertised app features are live yet as of this review.

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