F.A.O Schwarz Pottery Wheel Studio Review

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Editor's Review

The F.A.O Schwarz Pottery Wheel Studio, for ages 8 and up, comes with five pounds of air-dry clay that kids can shape, paint, and decorate. Kids control the battery-operated pottery wheel with the foot pedal. If you don’t have four C batteries, which are not included, you can power the pottery wheel with the USB cord. You can even switch between left-handed and right-handed modes. Follow the directions for making a piece of pottery and let it dry to a leathery texture before removing it from the wheel. The drying process continues on the drying rack. Then use the six colors of paint and paintbrush plus 80 gems to decorate your pottery. The kit comes with a potter wheel, a lid/drying rack, a pedal, 80 gems, a brush, three modeling tools, a sponge, a clay cutting tool, a USB power cable, four packs of clay, and six paints. There is built-in storage for all the tools, paints, and accessories.

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The Pottery Wheel Studio is a nice introduction to pottery, however, there will be a learning curve for beginners, and results will vary based on age and skill level. But the instructions take kids through opening their pot and pulling and shaping their design. And there is a lot of clay so that kids can practice and get creative in their pottery designs.


5 pounds of clay
Wheel spins on batteries or USB power
Lid becomes a drying rack
Built-in storage
Inspires creativity


No batteries are included
Learning curve
Wheel stops spinning when any amount of pressure is applied to the clay

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