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Editor's Review

Get ready to explore the world without getting on a plane thanks to the augmented reality Explore World puzzle from PlayAutoma. First, kids put together the 48-piece puzzle (which measures 19.6 inches by 12.3 inches) and then download the free iOS and Android Explore World app to bring the puzzle to life. Kids start with the first level, Wildlife, and guess which continents different animals are from. A picture of an animal shows up on your device’s screen, and kids move their device to place the animal over the correct continent on the puzzle. If you guess correctly, you’ll see the animal come to life right on the puzzle and learn fun facts about the animal. Once they’ve successfully placed all the animals, they’ve beaten the level and can unlock the next level, which is Monuments. The Monuments level requires the Monuments map mat, one of three additional maps that can also be brought to life via the app. There are also Countries and Continents map mats.

The more levels kids play, the more content they’ll unlock. And kids can always go back and play previous levels to test their skills and check out some of their favorite places and things again.

Along with the augmented reality exploration, the app also has educational games to reinforce learning and improve analytical skills.

Explore World Augmented Reality Puzzle

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Augmented reality is always a fun addition to educational toys because it brings what kids are learning about to life right in a child’s own world. We think kids will like exploring the different maps and learning all about planet Earth and the people and animals that live here. It’s a fun way to introduce the world to kids right from the comfort of your living room.

However, for being an educational app, we were a little concerned that the on-screen text had grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, and misspelled words.

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