EXIT: The Game The Lord of the Rings Shadows Over Middle-Earth Review

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Editor's Review

Go on a quest with the Fellowship through the gameplay of EXIT: The Game – The Lord of the Rings: Shadows Over Middle-Earth. This escape room game can be played right at home, and it’s perfect for The Lord of the Rings fans. It has a difficulty level of 2, which means it’s still pretty ideal for novice players. You can play with one to four players ages 10 and up. 

We can’t show you too much about the game without spoiling anything, since the game is all about solving riddles and puzzles. It is a game that you can only play through once. But it comes with a rulebook, 30 Help cards, 30 Answer cards, 27 Riddle cards, a Riddle booklet, a decoder disk, 26 Strange items, and Strange parchment. You’ll also need something to write with, scissors, and paper. If you use the Kosmos Helper App, you can use the digital timer with the atmospheric soundtrack. Otherwise, you’ll need your own watch or stopwatch.

At the beginning of the game, you only start with the Riddle booklet and decoder disk. As the game continues, you’ll use Riddle cards, Strange items, and Answer cards. Your goal is to complete Gandalf’s tasks as quickly as you can by working through the riddles. The game ends when you have solved the last riddle and Frodo has safely reached Mount Doom. 

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All of the game materials have a really nice look, immersing players into the story and scene. Some of the riddles may be harder to solve than others, but this is a game where players work together to solve them, and there are Help cards if you need them. This will be a fun game for escape room fans and fans of The Lord of the Rings. Just keep in mind that the game can only be played once.


Great look of game materials
Riddles are satisfyingly challenging
Fun game for fans



You can only play it once

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