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Editor's Review

The object of the game is to match cards to pop the popcorn. Catch the popcorn to earn chips. Collect the most chips to win the game! Place the popcorn popper in the center where all players can reach it. Place one of the three popcorn kernels on top of the popper. Shuffle and deal out five cards to each player and every player puts 10 chips on the table for one round.

Players will take turns rolling the three dice and attempting to make four of a kind between the cards in their hands and the dice. As soon as a player gets four matching popcorn toppings they can shout the command on the card and pop the popcorn by punching down on the nearest blast bulb.

Any player, not just a roller, can make a four of a kind on anyone’s turn, but only the first player to shout the command may pop the popcorn. Cards have different commands! Shout the command that is on the card of the four of a kind set you got. Follow the instructions on the cards because all are different and not all players have a chance to catch the popcorn kernel.

Whenever a player pops the popcorn they win a chip, whenever a player catches a popped kernel of popcorn they win a chip. You lose a chip if you interfere with or catch the popcorn when you shouldn’t have. After the 10 chips have been collected the round is over, after three rounds the players with the most chips is the winner.

Endless Games Popcorn Party Game

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It’s easy to assemble. 2 or more players can play. Keeps everyone on their toes and it’s easy to play.

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