Elephant and Wolf Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Review

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Editor's Review

There’s something different about the jigsaw puzzles from Wooden City. First, they’re made of wood. Second, they’re not a traditional square or rectangle. Instead, the Elephant and Wolf Jigsaw Puzzles are shaped to look like the object you’re putting together, and each individual piece is uniquely shaped, too.

The Elephant and Wolf puzzles are both 150-piece puzzles, each with 20 unique shapes. You’ll find wooden puzzle pieces that look like a kangaroo, lion, camel, and elephant. And put together, these smaller pieces create a brightly colored larger puzzle of an Elephant or Wolf.

Elephant and Wolf Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

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Once completed, these wooden puzzles will look great on display. The Wolf and Elephant have such nice detail in each individual puzzle piece, and kids will like the bright colors. This is definitely a different way to put together a puzzle, so it could be a nice change of pace for a puzzler who is looking for something new.

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