Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Nerf Themberchaud, Rakor Figure, Edgin Figure, & Gelatinous Cube Playset Review

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Editor's Review

The series is Dungeons and Dragons, so let’s start out with the Themberchaud blaster. This Blaster shoots familiar NERF darts, but it’s structurally similar to a crossbow. To prime, pull back the cord and tuck it around the lip, load a dart, then pull the trigger to fire. This blaster fires a good distance, and is surprisingly accurate, although you won’t be doing any pinpoint aiming here. The sculpt work is sharp and detailed, mimicking the abrasive hide of the red dragon Themberchaud. The tail is poseable and can wrap around your arm. The blaster comes with 6 darts, and while there is storage for the extra darts under the wings and/or bow, the darts don’t stick all too securely.

Next we have the Rakor figure. This guy is awesome! With a wingspan of over 20 inches, Rakor has some serious shelf presence. The sculpt is just, wow! The scales, plating, spikes and fins combine to make a super menacing dragon. And let’s not forget the paintwork, probably the best thing about this figure. The pearlescent sheen and gradients underneath the wings and on Rakor’s underside elevate the already superb sculpt. Articulation is more of a mixed bag, the wings are incredible, having full 360 rotation and up and down movement, and the front legs move far forward and back. At the same time, the head can only rotate and open at the mouth, the back legs lack the range of the front ones, and the tail cannot move at all. Even so, Rakor looks like a beast just standing there.

Lastly we have the Golden Archive Edgin and Gelatinous Cube, which, to be clear, are sold separately, but we’re reviewing them together for a reason. The Golden Archive line seems analogous somewhat to Marvel Legends, so as you’d expect the articulation is fairly robust, and the paint and sculpt are quite well done. The head can’t look up and down, and the knees are single jointed despite appearances, however every other point of articulation is well above average! Edgin comes with his lute, a knife, and the tablet of reawakening. The gelatinous cube is well molded, with a ridged texture and glossy finish that completes the gelatinous look. There are a number of accessories that can be plugged onto the outside to make it seem like they’re floating inside the cube. A few of them can even be wielded by a Golden Archive figures, or displayed outside the cube, but some objects are flatter than you’d expect, like the skull. Consequently, these only really work plugged in. There’s also an accessory that allows you to pose a figure in midair, or mid-gel. The effect is very nice.

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Depending on your list of wants, any of these 4 products are worth grabbing. The Edgin figure and Gelatinous Cube have great detailing and features for display. The Rakor figure looks stunning on a shelf, and has a decent amount of poseability for play. Lastly, the Themberchaud blaster fires a surprisingly far distance and has high novelty due to the excellent sculpt.


  • The Themberchaud NERF blaster has great decor, fires far, and comes with 6 darts. 
  • The Rakor figure has a stunning sculpt and paint work, has very well articulated wings, and is huge on a shelf.
  • The Edgin Golden Archive figure has great sculpt and paint, robust articulation in most areas, and comes with accessories.   
  • The Gelatinous cube makes for a great display piece by way of its molding and glossy finish, plus it comes with accessories and a stand for Golden Archive figures. 


  • Themberchaud’s dart storage is a little loose.
  • Rakor’s head has pretty limited articulation, and the tail has none.
  • Edgin’s head and knees have surprisingly limited movement.
  • Only some of the Gelatinous Cube accessories are compatible with figures, or look good outside of being plugged into the cube.

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