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Editor's Review

Explore the world of construction with the Drill & Learn Toolbox Pro. This pretend toolbox and tool belt come with all the tools kids need to pretend to fix things and learn about colors and numbers. Store the pretend hammer, wrench, and drill in the toolbelt. (Little kids might need help putting on the toolbelt.) The two plastic nails and two plastic screws can be stored inside the interactive toolbox, which also houses two double-sided project cards.

The front of the toolbox has two spinning gears and three tool buttons that are part of the interactive play in the toy’s three play modes. In Free Play mode, kids can press the buttons, insert a project card, and use the pretend tools to drill screws and hammer nails into the holes. With the push of a button, the drill really spins to tighten or loosen the screws. Through this play, kids will hear songs, sounds, and phrases about tools, colors, numbers, and more. The second mode is Challenge mode. The toolbox asks a question, and kids answer them using the tools or pressing the tool buttons. And in Music mode, press the tool buttons or insert a project card to hear songs about tools, numbers, and objects. When kids drill or hammer, they’ll hear fun melodies.

Two AA batteries are included, and the toy has two levels of volume.

Drill & Learn Toolbox Pro

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This is a fun and interactive way to engage preschoolers in imaginative roleplay, while also helping them with fine motor skills and introducing them to colors, numbers, tools, and more. We like that it comes with three pretend tools and has three modes of play.


  • Comes with toolbox and toolbelt
  • 3 pretend tools
  • 3 modes of play
  • Helps kids with fine motor skills
  • Imaginative roleplay


  • None

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