Doodad, Fuzzy Logic, and Chunky Monkey Business Games Review

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First up, we have Doodad. The object of the game is to earn points by spelling out the word “DOODAD” using the available cards. However, you can’t just spell it out willy-nilly, there are rules. Players start out with 3 cards in their hand, and 3 in their pool. Each round you can either “Play” or “Draw.” Playing means placing a card from your hand into your pool. There’s no limit to how many cards you can have in your pool, but they need to be face up, meaning your opponents can see what you have. Keep them mixed up so it’s hard to tell how close you are to your goal. To spell Doodad, each adjacent card must either have a matching color, or a matching symbol, to be played in sequence. You can choose to spell it any time you wish, but once you do, score 1 point for mixing adjacent colors and symbols, 2 points for a flush of color OR symbol, and 4 points for a flush of both color and symbol. The first one to 6 points wins! Strike cards mix things up by allowing players to steal any card from an opponent’s pool, so don’t dilly-dally on deft Doodads!

Next we have Fuzzy Logic. Players split into 2 teams, X and O. One player from each team is chosen as the clue-giver, and the rest are guessers. Clue-sters draw one card and both look at it. Each team will have a different word, but the words will be closely related in some way. Now the game starts. The clue masters then take turns giving one-word hints to their team, but within earshot of the other team. The trick is to give hints that tell YOUR team what your word is, without helping the other team discover theirs. For example, if team O is guessing for Banana, and X is guessing for lemon, it’s in O’s best interest to say “sweet” or “curved” rather than “yellow” or “fruit.” If a guesser from either team thinks they’ve got the correct word, regardless of who is offering hints, they can grab the Answer Cube and give it a guess. If correct, their team wins that card. If wrong, the other team wins it by default, so don’t grab the answer cube recklessly! The first one to 9 cards wins!

Lastly we have Chunky Monkey Business, who clearly wins the award for best name. We’re back to a free for all, as each player aims to get 3 special cards to spell out Chunky…Monkey…Business! You can earn these cards in 2 ways. First, one player is selected to be the “reader” and they draw a card. From the 3 riddles available, the reader selects one and reads the riddle, but omits the orange connecting word. For example: The Young and the “blank” Leg Syndrome, with “blank” being the word the other players need to guess. This word will always connect the two phrases or idioms. If no one had an idea, the reader may read the first letter of the hidden word. They may read the second if there aren’t any guesses after that, and so on. If a player has a guess, they grab the monkey in the middle of the table and guess. If correct (The Young and the Restless Leg Syndrome), they win the card, if wrong , the reader keeps the card! The first player that earns the right cards to spell Chunky Monkey Business wins the game! Be aware, orange words can be compound words, open or closed form!

All games come with their requisite cards and some key accessories. Doodad has a bag of point markers, Fuzzy Logic has the Answer Cube, and Chunky Monkey Business has the eponymous Monkey. The graphic design on all three games is clean, modern, and pleasant! Full props to The Good Game Company for their craftsmanship.

Doodad, Fuzzy Logic, and Chunky Monkey Business Games

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All three games are a lot of fun! These offerings go to show that the best kind of games are the ones that are simple in concept, but have tons of replay value.

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