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Editor's Review

If you’re a fan of Moose Toys’ poop-themed Gotta Go Flamingo and Gotta Go Turdle toys, then you’ll love Doo-Doo Kangaroo. The centerpiece of the game is a kangaroo sitting on a toilet. Players must grab donuts to complete their donut plate. But watch out! There are also doo-doos, and you don’t want to grab those. 

After a short set-up, including inserting three AA batteries that are not included, you’re ready to play. You can play with two to four players ages 3 and up. Each player gets a donut plate. Then take turns spinning the spinner and feeding the kangaroo the number of donuts spun. After you feed one donut, press the flush button. You’ll do this one at a time until you’ve fed the kangaroo all your donuts. Most times, nothing will happen after you flush. But sometimes the kangaroo will start shaking and spinning – signifying that he’s pooping – and you’ve got to be fast looking for and grabbing the donuts that flush out. Only grab a token with a donut side up. Don’t grab the brown doo-doos! The instructions don’t say that there is a penalty for touching a doo-doo, but we’re sure you could add one if you wanted to add more of a challenge. Keep playing until one player has filled their plate with five donuts. That player wins!

The game comes with a Doo-Doo Kangaroo, 18 donut tokens, a label sheet, four donut plates, a spinner, and instructions. 

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This game is easy to learn and very silly. It’s perfectly suited to little ones’ sense of humor. Kids will like the surprise of the kangaroo’s movements and trying to avoid the doo-doo. The movement of the kangaroo is pretty loud, however.


Easy to learn

Surprise of the kangaroo’s movements

Doo-doo is very silly


Batteries are not included

Movement of the kangaroo is loud

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