Donut and Deluxe Macaron Sidewalk Chalk Review

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Editor's Review

Get creative with some creative-looking sidewalk chalk. Twee’s Donut and Deluxe Macaron Sidewalk Chalk features bright colors and chalk that looks like dessert.

Each Donut Sidewalk Chalk features hand-painted toppings and decorations. You can purchase them in yellow, orange, purple, pink, blue, or green. At four inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick, it’s a little awkward to write or draw with them, but the chalk does work.

In the Deluxe Macaron Sidewalk Chalk set, you’ll find handmade chalk decorated to look like a macaron cookie. There are two of each color: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Some of them have sparkles in the “filling”. Each macaron is 1.25 inches round.

Donut and Deluxe Macaron Sidewalk Chalk

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This sidewalk chalk has a fun look, especially appealing to families who like sweet treats. The chalk works well for outdoor artwork and would make a nice addition to an Easter basket. It will inspire lots of creative play.

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