Disney Princess Style Series 30th Anniversary Jasmine Doll Review

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Editor's Review

The Disney Style Series reimagines the looks of classic Disney heroines, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine’s fashion now has a contemporary look. First off, when you open the cover of the plastic-free packaging, you’ll reveal the doll inside the box and a fashion sketch. Her traditional turquoise colors are still there, but this time Jasmine wears a one-shoulder gown with peacock feather details. There’s also a lot of glittery gold on this dress, and Jasmine brings that gold into her accessories, too, with a golden wrist cuff, gold heels, and gold clips in her long ponytail. There are also shimmery blue streaks in her black hair. The doll wears peacock feather earrings and comes with a golden lamp. Check out her long eyelashes and gold eye makeup. A doll stand is included for display, but this doll is very poseable, which will help kids play out all sorts of adventures with Jasmine once they take the doll out of the box.

Disney Princess Style Series 30th Anniversary Jasmine Doll

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This is a really pretty doll that older fans of the Aladdin movie will want to add to their collections. With all its sparkle and glitter, this doll will also appeal to younger fans who will have fun playing out movie moments or imagining new adventures for Jasmine.

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