Disney Doorables Technicolor Takeover Multi Peek and Squish’Alots Series 2 Review

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Editor's Review

What surprises are in store behind all the doors of the new Disney Doorables series? With Technicolor Takeover, you’ll find at least five figures, but maybe six or seven figures. And some of them might be one of the 10 special-edition multicolor figures. When all 10 are lined up, they create a beautiful rainbow of color. Or maybe you’ll find one of the two limited-edition figures: Genie as Gameshow Host or Pepita. Overall, there are 60 to collect in this new series, including never-before-seen Doorables from Peter Pan and Wendy, Zootopia, Fantasia, Finding Nemo, The Rescuers, and more. There are special flocked figures for 101 Dalmatians and pearlized translucent figures for Elemental. All of the figures are 1.5 inches tall with stylized detailing and glitter eyes. You can keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. 

Squish’Alots Series 2 adds 40 more squishy characters to collect, all revealed with a twist. Will there be four, five, or six figures inside your Doorables tower? When you’re done unboxing your one-inch squishy figures, use the tower as play and display space for your collection. And keep track of which figures you’ve got on the collectors guide.

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It’s always fun to unbox Disney Doorables because there are just so many surprises inside. How many figures will you get? Which figures are they? Kids and adult fans will like collecting favorite Disney and Disney/Pixar characters in this tiny size. And, of course, kids will have fun playing out all sorts of imaginative stories with their Doorables.


New characters to collect
60 to collect in the Technicolor series
40 to collect in Squish’Alots series 2
Fun unboxing
Imaginative play



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