Disney Doorables Multipeek Series 9 and Twist Reveal Squish’alots Series 1 Review

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Editor's Review

Add more Disney Doorables to your collection with series 9 of the Doorables Multi Peek and the first series of the brand-new Doorables Squish-alots.

You’ve got to twist to reveal and squish what’s inside each Disney Doorables Squish’alots tower. Follow the steps to unwrap the plastic covering and open the front door to reveal a blind bag. And if you keep twisting the top of the tower, you’ll keep revealing more doors to punch open. The number of hidden blind bags remains a mystery until you reveal them all. Will you collect four, five, or six Doorables figures? There are 50 to collect in this series, and some are common, rare, and ultra rare. These figures are different from the original Doorables because, while they are still tiny and cute, they are also squishy. Characters include Princess Tiana, Cogsworth, Stitch, and Donald Duck. You can store the figures back inside the tower when playtime is over.

If you want more of the original Doorables for your collection, you can collect five, six, or seven more inside each Multi Peek Series 9. This series includes 50 more characters, each with glittery eyes. Some of the 1.5-inch stylized figures may even have a pearlized or metallic finish. Peel back the front panel to reveal five doors, and then punch them open to see what’s inside. You might find characters from Mulan, Pooh’s Heffalump Movie, different varieties of Minnie Mouse, Luca, A Bug’s Life, Soul, Cars, and Zootopia. There are also two limited-edition figures of Edna Mode (from The Incredibles) and Karen Beverly (from Toy Story 4).

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All of these Doorables are so cute, and kids will love collecting them and playing with them. We like the squishy feeling of the new Squish’lots figures, which offers some nice tactile play. But the stylized look of both Doorables versions will be very appealing to kids and adults collectors alike. It’s fun to see favorite characters in this tiny size.


Fun to collect and play with

Each series has 50 to collect

Mystery of how many & who you’re getting

Squish’alots offer tactile play

Favorite characters in tiny stylized size



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