Disney Doorables Let’s Go! Series 2 Around the World Multipeek Review

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Editor's Review

Open up a whole new world with each door you pop open in the Disney Doorables Let’s Go! Series 2 Around the World Multipeek. The first surprise is how many 1.5-inch figures are inside. Will you find five, six, or seven? The next surprise is unboxing the figures you got! There are 40 to collect in this series, and some are common, rare, and ultra rare. Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. Plus, each pack contains a map card advertising an exciting destination, such as a dude ranch, cruise, or international adventure. Collect all 10 cards to reveal a world map. 

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The travel theme of this series is really cute, and kids (and adults) will like collecting favorite characters in vacation mode. Disney Doorables fans will have fun unboxing and adding even more figures to their collections. 


40 new characters to collect
Mystery number of figures
Fun unboxing
Imaginative play



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