Digital Shooting Target Playmat Review

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Editor's Review

This is a digital shooting target playmat and it features printed target values equipped with sensors that when the ball hits the target scores are registered in the display that keeps track of the game, unlike the manual playmats, you won’t need a score sheet and a witness to make clear who the winner is. Fun sounds, lights, and music also make this interactive!

There are two playing modes- just push on the mode button located on the top of the bulls-eye and it will be set to point counter (mode 1) or speed breaker (mode 2). Practice your accuracy in mode 1 by hitting the 7 target lights and accumulate up to 99 points or challenge your speed in speed breaker mode and determine who scores the most in 60 seconds!

You can hang it by using the suction cup hooks and loop included or stick it on walls and doors with the sticky velcro tape on the back.

Digital Shooting Target Playmat

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The digital scoreboard helps keep track. Hang it wherever you want and play this with any blaster you have at home.

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