Cutetitos Carnivalitos Scented Plush, Babitos, and Taste Budditos Review

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Editor's Review

What’s better than going to the carnival? Unrolling a furry fair friend with the new carnival-themed series of Cutetitos. There are three ways to collect these adorable plush toys.

There are 10 scented Cutetitos to unwrap in the Carnivalitos series, including a puppito, alpacaito, and a peacockito. Each one is wrapped up like a burrito in a carnival-themed wrap. For instance, there’s a checkered pattern on one side and a colorful popcorn pattern on the other. That will also give you a clue as to which scent your Cutetito is, if you couldn’t already smell it after opening up the blind bag. Each character might be “yummy,” “sooo yummy,” or “super yummy,” and you’ll know by the color of the Yummy Spot on its side and its collector’s card.

You can also collect 10 Babitos in this series, and each one is packaged up inside a slushie cup. These also come rolled up in carnival-themed blankets, such as the pattern of a big top tent, and when you unroll them, you’ll reveal two things: the diaper color, which tells you if you got a boy or a girl, and its Sweet Spot, which tells you if your Babito is “sooo sweet,” “extra sweet,” or “super sweet.” A collector’s card is also included.

And you can collect two Cutetitos at once inside each Taste Budditos box. There are eight to collect, and each duo is inspired by favorite carnival food pairings, such as chicken and waffles. They come wrapped individually, but you can also connect the wraps to form a heart and wrap them up together. These also have Yummy Spots that indicate what kind of friendship personality they have, such as lifelong frienditos, but there’s no collector’s guide to show you all the different rarity levels.

Cutetitos Carnivalitos Scented Plush, Babitos, and Taste Budditos

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As always, Cutetitos are so cute, and we like how the carnival theme is cleverly incorporated. The regular Cutetitos have great scents, and kids can reuse the Taste Budditos boxes and the Babitos cups as roleplay items or storage for the Cutetitos collection. The unboxing experience is super fun, and Cutetitos fans will like this new way of adding more soft plush characters to their collections.

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