CryBabies Little Changers, Tropical Series Beach Babies, and Tropical Series Shiny Shells Review

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Editor's Review

If you want more of those cute and collectible CryBabies, then look no further than three of the latest CryBabies doll series.

Kids can help change the world with CryBabies Little Changers. There are six of these mini dolls to collect, and each one comes in plant-based, eco-friendly packaging. Sunny, Aqua, Greeny, Windy, Sparky, and Moon are hidden inside a flower container. Open the flower to reveal a playset with fun features. Lift up the bed to find the teardrop-shaped water squirter. Fill it with water and squeeze it over the flower pot to reveal the flower and make it grow. The mini doll is wrapped in tissue paper. Once unwrapped, play with the doll in her playset. And keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide.

If more of the original CryBabies is what you crave, check out the two new Tropical series. There are 14 dolls to collect – including one rare and one ultra rare – in the Series Beach Babies. Each doll comes with more than eight surprises and accessories to get the doll dressed for a day at the beach. The more dolls you collect, the more you can mix and match their accessories. And, of course, these dolls cry real tears when you feed them water from their baby bottles.

There are nine dolls – including one rare – to collect in Series Shiny Shells. Open up the pearlescent shell to reveal more than nine surprises and accessories, including sand. Dig through the sand to find some of the accessories! When your doll isn’t digging in the sandbox, you can use the baby bottle to fill the doll with water and make it cry sea foam. To get foamy tears, make sure you fill the doll with six bottles of water and shake the doll for one minute. (We’re not sure how long the foaminess will last.) 

The CryBabies Tropical series dolls have drains in the back of their heads so that you can remove the water when playtime is over.

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Kids will like trying to collect all the different characters across all three lines. The mini dolls offer a different size and way to play thanks to the contained playset. These would also be fun for play on the go. And kids will really like the unboxing and surprise reveal of the Tropical series dolls. All of these dolls are really cute and will inspire a lot of imaginative play. 


Pros (Little Changers) 

New size of the mini dolls

Contained playset for on the go play

Eco-friendly packaging

Six to collect

Inspire imaginative play

Pros (Tropical series) 

Fun unboxing 

Dolls cry real tears and foam

14 to collect in Beach Babies and 9 to collect in Shiny Shells

Inspire imaginative play



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