Cry Babies Tropical Dressy Coraline and Tiny Cuddles Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

There is all-new CryBabies fun with new Tiny Cuddles dolls and Dressy Coraline. And, yes, all of the new dolls cry tears.

Tiny Cuddles are nine-inch dolls that come in a variety of characters, including two mermaid dolls and two rabbit dolls. Their bodies are soft, but their arms and heads are hard plastic. Each one has an attached pacifier. Their headpieces can be pulled away (but not fully removed) so that you can fill the head with water. Squeezing the head makes the doll cry.

Kids can play dress-up with Dressy Coraline. This 12-inch doll wears a sparkly dress with socks and shoes. Pull back her sparkly hood to reveal rooted purple hair. Fill the doll’s head with water and turn it on. Coraline will cry real tears and make more than 10 baby sounds. To stop the crying, place the pacifier in the doll’s mouth. Once you’ve pulled the hood down, it’s a little hard to replace it without messing up the doll’s hair. The doll comes with two AAA batteries.

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Kids who like CryBabies will enjoy adding more to their collections. We like the soft bodies of the Tiny Cuddles and that they still cry real tears. And the sounds and crying from Coraline enhance the imaginative play. Kids will like cuddling, carrying, and creating nurturing scenes and adventures with these baby dolls. Just keep in mind that because these dolls require water, you might want to play in an area where it’s okay for things to get wet.


Soft bodies of Tiny Cuddles

Dolls cry real tears

Sound effects from Coraline enhance imaginative play


Difficult putting Coraline’s hood back on over hair

Water can get messy

Plush get very wet

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