Cry Babies Newborn Molly and Crawling Miley Review

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Editor's Review

Cry Babies Molly and Miley may cry real tears, but these new baby dolls also let kids play out other parts of the parenting experience.

Newborn Molly cries, coos, and sleeps, and she looks really cute in her hooded blanket. There’s a hospital bracelet for the doll to wear, as well as a pretend teether and a pretend baby bottle. You can even turn the packaging into a cradle for Molly, and when you lay Molly down, her eyes close. The doll also has an attached pacifier. When it’s in Molly’s mouth, she’ll be content. But remove the pacifier, and she’ll start to cry. The doll will cry real tears if you fill its head with water. To make Molly stop crying, replace the pacifier. But this doll can also be soothed by the interactive bracelet. When Molly’s little mommy or daddy wears the bracelet and gets close to the doll, the doll senses the bracelet, and the doll’s cheeks will glow red to show that Molly is comforted. (We wish the instructions for this had been clearer.) The doll makes more than 20 real baby sounds. The doll comes with two AAA batteries and one CR2032 battery.

Cry Babies Crawling Miley takes things to the next step with a baby doll that really crawls. Just place the doll on the floor and press the button on its back. Dressed in a unicorn onesie, this doll is on the move, but sometimes crawling makes her sad, and she’ll start crying. If you fill her head with water, she’ll cry real tears. Give the doll her pacifier to stop the crying. The doll also comes with a pretend rattle. You can pose the doll’s legs and head to place the doll in more of a seated position for more play. This doll has more than 35 realistic baby sounds, and comes with three AA batteries.

For both dolls, it’s recommended that you use distilled water. 

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Kids will really like the realistic sounds and movements of these baby dolls. Sure, the crying can be annoying to parents, but it’s all part of providing a realistic experience for little kids. Both of these dolls give kids a fun way to engage in nurturing play. However, when water is involved, the play with both of these dolls can get very messy. Crawling Miley didn’t cry as much as she leaked, and it didn’t seem to matter whether the pacifier was in her mouth or not. 


Realistic sounds
Dolls cry real tears
Molly interacts with special bracelet
Miley really crawls
Inspire nurturing play


Some instructions were unclear
Play gets very messy when water is involved
Crawling Miley’s crying feature was disappointing

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