Cradlewise Convertible Smart Crib Review

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Editor's Review

Looking for a crib that will help rock your baby to sleep while giving you peace of mind? Then look no further than the Cradlewise Convertible Smart Crib. For ages 0 to 24 months, this incredible sleep structure is a bassinet, crib, and monitor all in one. The crib has a natural biodegradable coconut coir mattress and the mesh wrapped around the crib is made of easy to clean breathable hexagonal polyester and it’s very taut so it doesn’t move. It weighs 88 pounds so be prepared for a very heavy package. It comes with all the tools you need for assembly and an extra mattress pad. But, be aware that it’s very hard to get the tension pieces screwed into the bottom, it was a two person job. However, it’s also easy to transition from bassinet to crib, which is super helpful. It can soothe your baby before they start crying as it can sense when your baby wakes up using either a rocking motion, bouncing motion, or the sounds from the sound machine in both crib and bassinet mode. The crib auto-bounces which means once you start the bounce it continuously bounces until stopped using the crib’s unique app. I love how loud the sound machine is and how you can create your own sound that works best for your child. However, I don’t like that when you play the lullaby it has a five second pause at the end and if your baby isn’t fully asleep the stopping of the music could wake them back up. You can use the crib’s app to get sleep notifications. It’ll let you know if your baby needs your attention as it will record your baby as they sleep and let you know your baby’s sleep trends and fitness stats. The iOS App requires an iOS 8 or higher and the Android App requires Android 5.0 or higher and requires no subscriptions! However, the app does require wifi to work. You can also create your own sleeping sounds within the app. 

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Should I get it?

It’s a little on the pricy side but worth it to have a 3-in-1 crib that lasts until your child is two years old.


  • The crib can soothe your baby without you having to intervene
  • You can watch your baby through the crib’s app
  • You can use this as both a bassinet and a cradle. 


  • It’s incredibly heavy and can be a bit hard to put together.

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